SFO Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these product be used on infants?
We do not recommend the use of our products on children under 4. While they are all made with natural and organic ingredients, some may be a little to strong for an infant.
The Lemon Buttercream Hair Wash does not produce a lot of foam, is that normal?

Yes! It is normal if the shampoo does not produce a lot of foam when washing your hair. This is because it does not contain foaming additives. All ingredients in the hair wash are natural cleansing agents that will gently remove dirt and buildup without stripping or drying your hair.

Is the Miracle Maker Smooth and Twist Delight only for Smoothing and Twisting?
No! The name of this product says it all. It does miracles on all aspects of your hair. You can use it as a twisting aid, a setting jelly, a curl definer, it may even be used to add sheen to dull dry hair. This product is full of rich ingredients that will benefit your hair in several ways.
Can the Happy Scalp Revitalizing Growth Oil be used on the body?
Absolutely. This oil like many of our products can be used on the body as well!

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