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When my niece Sarah Faith was four years old she was like many other four- year old little girls, she was full of life, adventurous and extremely outgoing. One afternoon she returned home from school and her whole demeanor had changed.Her mother and I had attributed it to a bad day at school, but later that evening Sarah Faith revealed to us that she was told by one of her classmates that if she wanted to play with a certain group of kids she would have to change her hair to look like theirs. Perplexed and confused I asked Sarah what that meant, she explained to me that her hair was not good enough and the texture was not like everybody else’s in that group which made her very sad. When I saw the hurt in my nieces eyes I was determined to do something about it.

Sarah Faith Organics is a natural and organic based hair and skin care line that will showcase the beauty of every hair texture and every skin tone.

Each product is handcrafted and was formulated with Sarah Faith in mind. I wanted to create something that my niece could use that would make her excited about her hair and
 in that process we have formulated an amazing line of products with incredible ingredients that the whole family can use.

The first time Sarah Faith used the Strawberry Icing Sugar Leave In Conditioner she couldn’t stop touching her hair, she looked at me and said “Auntie Gagu, my hair feels beautiful, I feel beautiful!” – Mission Accomplished.

Thank you for supporting Sarah Faith Organics!
I hope you love us as much as Sarah does.

May God Bless You Today and Always!

Love, Auntie Gagu